RSMartist Artist of any Medium

“I put my heart and my soul into my work, and have lost my mind in the process.”
Vincent van Gogh

About Me

Hello! My name is Rebecca Metras and I am a freelancing artist of many mediums. I live with my wonderful boyfriend, Dan, and our three fur-babies, Smokey, Leo, and Orange. I was raised in Massachusetts and most days, I would prefer to be outside. I love the sound of waves at the beach and the beauty in the mountains I am a hobbyist musician and I enjoy playing the piano and guitar in my spare time whilst howling out the words to my favorite songs. I love seeing things grow. In the summer, I spend my free time gardening and tending to my plants. My experiences throughout higher education have provided me with countless freelancing opportunities, marketing and content creation internships, and expansion in many areas of digital design and composition. There is always an endless list of potential creations that are on the to-do list in my mind.


Web Design

Some of my services include website updates and complete composition and design. I created the website you are viewing right now.

Graphic Design

My Graphic Design services include logo, poster, and T-Shirt design. I also work in raster-based editing software for Photography editing.


My Photography services range from weddings and family photo sessions to artistic portraits and landscapes. Email me for availability and pricing.

2D Design

I have extensive experience in 2D Design mediums such as paints, pastels, and pencils. Custom orders can be made. Email me with your inquiries.


My Videography services include promotional, wedding, and event filming and editing. I work with the Adobe Suite and a Canon 5D MarkIV.

GIF Creation

Custom GIF creation through photography and vector animation. This type of content engages audiences of all ages. 

Contact Me

I would love to hear from you!